Journal Entry 6# Learning To Scream

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

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Desperate to learn a musical instrument and master it, the road had lead to in the art of screams. Looking as many videos as I can, there’s a lot of work required in it that could pay off with some of my other audio projects. And there is a fun time to it in doing exercises along with a beat to heavy metal or rock tune.

My journey to unlocking a distinct tone within my vocals will not be an easy task. Linking my emotive acting talents of speech with the flap of skin in my throat in clear highs and low is a mental and physical practise that will cause fatigue. Hanging on the windpipe of lower or higher notes is a muscle I need to put into shape to adjust the tissue of sound I can produce.

More videos in my search history on this subject matter and there is more do’s and do nots. My smoking habits is one that is activating against me (Although many smokers such as Snoop Dog still capture quality vocal originality). Limbering up a voice that expands and shrinks into what I can achieve. Testing range executing styles in segments where it does not hurt.

You shall see instant progress once I generate more screams into published content. For now, I am just dreaming about dubbing over no-copyright songs somehow. How it could be used for characterization in monologues to perform. And locate the right teachers in this craft to adapt more technique into a polished pieced of authenticity to a certain degree.

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