Journal Entry 5# – Joe Rogan: Movie (Fan Fiction?)

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

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I owe a lot to Joe Rogan and his experience on the infamous podcast. Thinking about heaps of new fictional pieces of writing I believe I could write a thriller/comedy movie with a movie-length interview that you never forget. About the people I respect, this is one idea I would love to pitch and collaborate with anyone, in potential discussions.

Definitely from the consistent following of people’s important conversations, the nonlinear progression of movie magic exaggeration while having a layer of important dialogue. Plot-wise the guest needs to be a character relevant and ominous towards such a genre blend. Then the importance of this particular interview needs to emphasise important stakes at play.

One story Joe’s friends has is The Time Ari Spiked Bert’s Drink with Molly during a podcast still not released. I feel like if it were to be released I would have enough material to compile of quality

Whatever the story needs to be either an alternative world Joe Rogan played by some actor or visions of what it could be within authenticity, the low budget and independent way of cinematography could artistically capture the shows true nature while delivering fantasy elements.

Conjunctions to be played or experimented with:

  • Start with a huge introduction for the guest with audio-only playing somewhere before face reveal
  • Overall story based on a bomb terrorist/negotiator, alien in human form, revolutionary new technology, a god-like guest, end of the world stuff, many more amongst others
  • In scenes have a deep debate, conflicting moments, signs of power vs weakness, warm jokes in between, twists and turns, jump scares, surprise guests, satire, and many more to work off from.
  • HBO like a soundtrack for suspense
  • Equipment to shoot at every angle imaginable
  • Plenty of works of inspiration to eventually come up with a first draft from!

Finally there maybe an open letter direct to Joe Rogan with more details in the future, or just some ramblings of a fan imaging what he wants? Either way, a draft has begun developing into something of worthy substance. Aligning all scripts to be one book one day, accepting these more challenges all be willed into existence when the time is right and ready.

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