Samuel L. Jackson Teaches Acting, a class review

A class review written by Lee Sonogan

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“Be as creative as you wanna be. Go as far as you can go…Change yourself as many ways as you possibly can.” — Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson received his first major role in acting at the age of 40 years old. If I keep practising and take some smalls roles like him maybe anyone can achieve becoming a performer like him. This MasterClass is my second one based on this performance art and it goes deeper with Jackson sharing his methods of thinking going into his most famous scenes and then challenges it.

This performance art has so many ins and outs about everything that encompasses what I love about creativity as a whole. Dissecting language to the point of precision while establishing the value of artistic beauty. The importance of individuals quality of different takes or style. Tools necessary to experiment or rewrite choices to commit to.

21 lessons in this class:

  • Introduction
  • Creating Characters
  • Physical Characterization
  • Case Study Caveman’s Valentine
  • Breaking Down A Script – Part 1 & 2 (Student Session)
  • Character Biographies (Student Session)
  • Make It Your Own (Student Session)
  • Voice & Character
  • Plumb Your Emotional Depths (Student Session)
  • Use Your Voice, Use Your Body (Student Session)
  • Working with Directors
  • On-Set Collaboration
  • Developing Characters (Student Session)
  • Making Bold Choices (Student Session)
  • Enriching Your Acting Practise
  • Auditioning
  • Growing Your Acting Career
  • Sam Journey From New York To Hollywood
  • Conclusion

Delivery in all these acting elements as are equal as the last one due to improvisational execution potentials. Depending on what stories you are going to tell it is more than simply reading with some emotional. Patterns of highs and lows, emphasis on keywords, and creditability all-round need creditability with layers of suggestable substance. Observing acting and what they do to then apply similar techniques in your own tone is what it is all about.

“I think every scene has a goal…What am I doing in this scene for the story? Am I moving the story along to a certain place? Am I moving the story to a logical conclusion?” — Samuel L. Jackson

These MasterClasses have been amazing in inspiring myself to write specific niche topics that are wholesome while very informative. This one alone has enough to make me save a decent amount for later. While I enjoyed Kevin Spacey’s class a little more, Jackson’s class holds different ways in perspective, more of the basics, and fundamentals to push yourself into creating something consider of worth.


“Find a place of power and be in it—whether you’re gonna stand there and be in it or sit here and be in it—but find that place of power and lock in and lock in on the target.” — Samuel L. Jackson

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