Journal Entry 4# – First Haiku, One List, And More!

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

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Haiku connection,

Do so much with so little.

First-time perfection.

Promising my first haiku back in Journal Entry #2, here it is above this sentence ^. In the time between my last Journal Entry and now I finish Untitled Superhero Origin #1 – (Short Film Script) (First Draft) that I mentioned somewhere. Finished a MasterClass which will be the next published review to be posted after this one. Wanting to focus on development in all ideas within the back burner, here are some of those projects to be discussed in future Journal Entries.

  • ENTERTAINMENT CULTURE ONLINE Original Content (Two non-fiction books, one fanfiction movie script)
  • Vengeance Of A Brutal Cry (65,000 words stuck in proofreading purgatory)
  • There’s No Such Thing As A Utopia (Documentary adaption intro)
  • Oceanic Panic (Choose Your Own Adventure – Novel)
  • Cat Island (2 Part Animated Show Pilot – Script)
  • Power From Within: Vol 2 (Sequal novella third of the way through the first draft)
  • 1 vs 1 (Movie script being turned in a novella (Conversion) 2 thirds of the way through the first draft)
  • More YouTube UNGROOVYGORDS PRODUCTION videos yearly? (Monologues, Writing From Scratch, First Reaction Videos)
  • Planning to create a visual incentive on a short film New Car Smell for feedbackers to be more keen
  • Then all these listed in smaller detail or stuff I have completely forgotten about or what I want to start new.

Speaking of something new, I have not written a story on this website in a long time. There is this idea I start a draft on the other day of a seemly neverending story about an immortal cursed to live forever while punished to the beginning of time for receiving such power. I like the idea of a long-lasting story free to become whatever I want through various time periods, and the relevant characterization that could be told in madness vs wisdom.

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement about non-essential mass gatherings, The Melbourne International Comedy Festival have made the decision to cancel the 2020 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. – Due to that virus, I will not be seeing my favourite Australian comedian Isaac Butterfield live and in-person 🙁 So there will be not a review on Outlaw, a show review (Isaac Butterfield) as soon as I was planning to document it.

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