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Rather than just highlighting better writing than I can muster, most especially on the virus the mainstream media hyena’s are hyperventilating about, I’ve been waiting for a gifted researcher and writer to pen her latest opus on this topic.

“People you trust, people you probably voted for, have spent weeks minimizing what is clearly a very serious problem.” Tucker Carlson, the Fox News host

The first mention of the coronavirus here on UNGROOVYGORDS secondly overall. Through the months on end trend, the pandemic is a real one although the panic can be interpreted as a somewhat overreaction for now. I could argue the pros and cons of realism in the situation but based online you could say something believable in it matching former viruses. Such as the Swine Flu or Ebola outbreaks.

Explaining some of my current scepticism, this published post contains two solid articles on the containment that prevents the worst from spreading. What is available to treat at least 96% percent of people who are not a risk after quarantine. Potential chemical warfare of conspiracy-like developments in bats, gene editing and bioweapons. Then a poem connecting the two themes simultaneously.

Adding my 2 cents in refuting the frenzy, my deep concern will occur with the mortality rate suddenly hitting the five-digit range. While some red alerts are happening, it is not showing the scary unpredictable signs beyond was already experienced in history. Have faith that this thing will be taken control over and any delays or cancellations show progress in execution in opposing in the now infamous negative force for more ways than one.

“There are no winners here. Only degrees of losing.” Charles O’Shea, the lead retail analyst at Moody’s

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