The Martian, a movie review

A movie review written by Lee Sonogan

2hr24min (2015) Adventure, drama, sci-fi

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Damon’s charm, humor, and gravitas make this smart, action-packed adaptation an all-around perfect film for families with curious, science-loving teens and older tweens. – Common Sense Media

Every lead actor these days spins to have there one sci-fi flic attached to their name. The allure of the truth in space, epically by Ridley Scott generates interest from Alien to modern times. Budgeting over $100 million, it surely made six times that worth with myself contributing to the number at the box office. This classic story of an astronaut stranded crafted a solid tale of survival.

Doing their research, the movie reflection a lot of real-life aspects into the writing in each elaborated well in particular scenes. The red planet visually delivers on cinematography down to each little detail. Contained more than just heavy drama elements showing a diverse experience of rough terrain. For the amount of science fiction/fantasy films out there, the balance of pure drama good and bad is why I thought it was so memorable.

On the cons side of things for some, it may feel a little drawn out although in the rewatch after absorbing others behind the scenes information, it is a lot better going around. This made me want to read the book from 2011 potentially making me like it overall even more. Regardless I recommend it solely on the point that it has stood the test of time for this long in science-related cultures.


Director Ridley Scott makes the most of an excellent script and a first-rate star for a scintillating sci-fi trip to the red planet. – The Guardian

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