Journal Entry 3# – Greedy Regret, Upcoming Social Media Relaunch

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

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In the lifestyle I live, there are not many regrets I can comment on although today I shall share one about a choice I made. Then what I am going to do to address my dissatisfaction towards the reactions it allegedly caused for myself. Back about a year after I launched this website I was very curious about free and paid marketing and promoting techniques. There I was guilty of doing “Like for likes, follow for follows, ECT” and corrupted the social media page on Facebook with paid followers (< Under $100) from India.

There I leave some unresolved resentment out on the table. Linking to this blog the numbers of this action showed the numbers but the disloyalty of the data. Forgive me if this offends you as I was too ambitious for my own good. Taking it as a life lesson in not abruptly executing eagerness in types of behaviours, it was meant to happen to get me to the point where I am at today.

Typing those dam keys has come so inherently an important part of what I am, patience is much more of a skill I have enforced as a discipline in. My work should speak for itself, so my focus is to provide quality content for you and what I need now to obtain desired peace of mind. These remarks are not damage control, just a shift in unleashing what was wrong in the long run and moving forward.

I am going to delete my Facebook page where I have been sharing all that I have written over the years. Not having a set date quite yet, expect notes on it elaborating the necessary information. The 2020 page will be done naturally as possible transitioning into something more professional platforming a catalogue of published posts of the future. Initially wanting to do these journal entries once a week, maybe there’s room to get more personal to my current thought process if it is two.

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