Fact Or Fiction? Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself

An article written by Lee Sonogan

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Touching on this conspiracy theory now since the mainstream has stopped covering it, maybe it was more than just a meme? The nature and cause of his death gained traction for such a long time due to the type of person Jeffrey Epstein was. Being an American hedge fund financier and convicted sex offender, there is connections with him to prominent figures and speculated blackmail. From that alone, you can be sceptical on the proclaimed suicide although there were a lot of people benefiting from the wide-spread trend.

The investigation into his personal life and the events reveal details that don’t logically add up. Before this, all happened anyone who reported on him knew he was “A man of mystery”. First is how he accrued an estimated $500 million without much of a sign of a paper trail. A common theory is he had dirt on his rich friends and committed fraud/blackmail through his island, Little Saint James in the Virgin Islands.

Allegedly on this island, he filmed famous people sexually abusing underage children for extortion purposes. The lawsuits between 2008 and 2020 surely point to that conclusion. Then there are his various charities suspected for money laundering purposes. If any of this information holds any sort of truth then the foul play with Epstein’s suicide is possibly justified.

The moral character of this individual is certainly questionable just like the situation that happened in the Manhattan jail. Only recently they found a loaded gun hidden close to the same cell. The two patrolling guards and cameras suddenly stopped keeping an eye on him while apparently on suicide watch. An autopsy from my understanding points more to murder compared to taking his own life, not using other dangerous objects at his disposal.

Dissect this information from as many sources as you can to see why so many people believe this to be a fact. Even leaving a note, it was not a suicidal letter but complained about the jail conditions. While many conspiracy theories can prove to be truthful, this one has enough logic to be one of the same.

Fact or Fiction? I cannot absolutely know for sure then again this time I will commit to stating yes!



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