Adventure Time, a tv show review

A tv show review written by Lee Sonogan

11min (2010-2018) Animation, action, adventure

At first look, a sceptical person may consider this as just another animated show for children. Do not assume this as it offers layers of maturity and deeper than expected themes that all ages can appreciate. More than the adventures of the characters Finn and Jake that you will fall in love with, the world becomes more intriguing as each season develops the plot between the trippy and very serious. This show deserves attention because of its surreal and unpredictable situations that unfolds from a seemly light-hearted presentation.

Finishing the final season only recently, the subtle genius has only hit me to inspire a review just like this. The depth of each character is as memorable as the main protagonists of Finn and Jake. Rarely missing a beat, in the random, there is a strong emotional journey of messages behind everything. Showing a collection of concepts relating to human nature, spacetime, friendship and death/love, while not for everyone, it is for most.

Finn: Mathematical!

Pretending to be a kid show I almost would not recommend it for them due to a lot of it going over their heads. Although there is plenty of solid humour for them to understand in the few first seasons, as it becomes more complex it may be harder to appreciate. Regardless, a stoner for say could enjoy this as much as a kid and a parenting bonding over what is interpreted.

In worldbuilding, a post-apocalyptic world, the subtle genius of the work is the disconnect that helps build a rich and diverse arc capable to keep you engaged. In judging this show you must consume it all to give it a credible rating. Inspirational for so many reasons, as a writer it makes me want to put more focus into my fiction. Having enough re-watch value now knowing all the context, I can comment on saying it is the best Cartoon Network show beating any nostalgic cartoon I loved as a young man.


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