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By this point, I am quite sure we have all heard or seen the new music video by Miss Taylor Swift called “The Man,” and the first thing I noticed within this video was how it was drenched in the lies of Feminism that we see today; “women are better than men.” It is no lie that feminists only seeks to hear liberal ideologies, but what Taylor Swift did just shows that we live in a time where no one really cares about so called “equality,” for we only care about being better than each other.

While I just posted a comment saying “Not everything is woke!”, this music video is some of the most toxic virtue signalling I have seen in recent times. Justified And Redeemed’s article sums up a perspective that stands up for what is right. Under themes of victimhood blaming, gender bias and unnecessary political ranting, Taylor Swift is undeniably guilty of these actions. Contributing to the refute of the music video’s forced intentions, freedom of speech is at stake when illogical ideology like this becomes accepted as a norm.

First I would like to say check the video out on YouTube or whatever first to see how you initially feel about it. I will not justify viewers through a link due to this portrayal of stereotyping all men as egotistical. You could say it parodies Scooter Braun, Leo DiCaprio and Kayne West although the purposes in the lyrics and cinematography go deeper than that.

Cringeworthy to the max, Swift in this music video may look like a man but does not act in a manner considered as a good man. The easter eggs in each cut section are very anti-man in very dumb or simple ways. Literally taking a piss on the wall, there references to her old albums for the reason that she isn’t aloud to perform them anymore. She still seems pissed that she willingly signed a contract about that, making her millions but symbolises her regret.

Overall I just don’t care about being “The Man” and this narrow mentality of a lifestyle is not the majority of everyone. Making a career from broken relationships and living in the high class for the entirety of her life, what important work has she done to even consider the points she’s trying to make? It’s a gross time to be alive as the tug of war between the power of what you identify with, and the underlining fundamental focuses avoided.

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