Cold Reading Plus Acting

An article written by Lee Sonogan

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I’m good at cold reading; I’ve made a living doing this, and most of the time I do audition, but it’s very tough. It’s a very uncomfortable, awkward process. You never get used to it, really. – Courtney Gains

In expanding my knowledge of the performance arts, from writing to acting for the camera is similar. How the author is descriptive in the realistic detail, acting is an expression interpreted from a script or other text. This technique can be defined as obtaining information to present emotion and personality in associated truths.

Mostly asked for in auditions by a producer or director, a role you prepared for is not enough if they have other ideas for you. Reading aloud a character for the first time gives you equal or a greater idea of an actor’s performing capabilities in comparison to a rehearsed monologue. A good dramatic actor can improvise any change with clarity and deliver on overall speech rhythms.

A practised cold reader like a psychic and more will employ high probability guesses and then reinforce connections based on what feels right. Solid improvisation skills will portray the quality of engagement if you can withstand the pressures. One method of characterization is to mentally act while consuming fictional novels, not watching.

Developing these factors in bringing out intent, mood and more can be achieved on set and in the pre-production. Even before that in creative incubators related to public speaking or relevant exercises requiring to roleplay. Overall I am excited to improve my objective storytelling in and outside the pages. Directions put on the spot will continue to emphasise the messages and meaning I put into each piece of content I put out.

If you actually do cold readings, it’s very close to how people actually talk, because you’re experiencing these thoughts anew every moment, and trying to make them come out coherently. – Patton Oswalt

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