Journal Entry #2 – 1200th Published Post

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

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Journal Entry #2 electric boogaloo! It has been currently nine days since my first public digital entry and I have some new thoughts and ideas to be noted. Keeping up this consistency I am excited in my 1200th published post in what progress I have made. With focus split between learning new things and putting effort into finishing stuff, the balance between creativity and real-life seems more align. My muse reveals its reflecting light from the external into my internal soul.

Grinding the sharp edges out of what I have established identifies the directions where I want to go. The scratches of the surface are laying in deeper. Now naming some things that I have been up to, hinting above I’m doing another MasterClass but I won’t say which one right now. Secondly here is is a list of concepts worked on over the last few days:

  • Came up with over 200 new potential blog post ideas recorded into drafts.
  • Committed to throwback written content ideas to reblog and/or social media.
  • Added good descriptive detail to my novella conversion book from a movie script of mine (1 vs. 1)
  • Half-finished a short film script on ENTERTAINMENT CULTURE ONLINE named (Untitled Superhero Origin 1#)
  • Downloaded a bunch of non-copyright music from a YouTube comment which will be ready for future video projects.
  • Signed up to an information session to get extra work in the city for Australia, Melbourne movies and television.
  • Recorded a viral advertisement of my book Spontaneous Variety parodying a former viral meme.
  • Collect ideal monologues from classical plays I want to attempt to perform.
  • Reading more of A Collection of Essays by George Orwell.
  • And probably much more!

Expect the next 1200 more published posts to be the apex of my writing/artistic journey to reach the height of all’s mind and soul. Or the fall of momentum into dust to once more rise again. Giving you one mystery in hopes you will return for Journal Entry 3# I shall include my very first Haiku. Then comment on something political for the hell of it?

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