Pokémon Trading Card Game, a video game review (GBC/3DS)

A video game review written by: Lee Sonogan

GBA (1998) Digital collectable card game

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“whether you like or hate those darn Pokémon… if Nintendo keeps making Pokémon videogames of this quality, those creatures aren’t going away anytime soon.” – IGN, 2000

This Pokémon trading card video game has been around since the origin of the original anime. Charizard and many other Pokemon cards from the first generation of cards in this game are now valuable in real life. Just like the Pokémon handheld video games, the Pokémon TCG has a lot of strategies involved with it. More than twenty years later over 28.8 billion cards have been sold as of Septemtemver 2019 worldwide.

For its time this old-school Game Boy Advance game had a lot to offer. Personally nostalgic replaying it last year, the soundtrack, to the visuals and the engaging AI made me remember how addicting it was. Faithful to the phenomena of memories had by many during primary school, it offered the same experience.

A sequel to this video game exists and only was released in Japan that I played although the lack of English translation made me only get so far. Overall in 2020, this game does not hold up due to the lack of cards available and how short the simple story was. Pokémon TCG Online may be a good substitute in revisiting the game although it requires redeeming codes to collect new cards.

“It was really kind of ridiculous how awesome this game turned out to be…if there was one spin-off [we] could ask Nintendo to reintroduce, it’d be the TCG game.” – IGN, 2009




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