The Curious Case Of Count Dankula

An article written by Lee Sonogan

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Food for thought, it is not up to governments to determine whatever is a joke or not. Markis Meechan aka Count Dankula is a Scottish YouTuber who received press coverage in 2016. When he posted a satirical video of a dog he had taught to raise its paw like a Nazi Salute. Resulting in a conviction for breaching the Communications Act 2003, the arrest generated controversy surrounding free speech. While the intention and context behind the original video is clearly a joke, many people defended the verdict saying that he deserves to go to jail.

While the accusations jumped to conclusions, recently being aware of all of this, he is the furthest thing from a racist. The initial video was a prank for his girlfriend as he wanted to turn her ranting and raving of the cutest pug into the complete opposite. During the trial, the obvious reasons behind this video got deemed “lacked credibility”.

To this day people still condemn him although more have supported him in a protest of free speech. Names such as Ricky Gervais, David Baddiel, Stephen Fry, PewDiePie and much more’s two cents stood up in the necessity of protecting human rights. Since then all of his important and relevant content has been de-monetised.

In 2018 the offence apparently legally considered as “Grossly Offensive” ended as he got fined $800 with no prison time. Refusing to pay, Dankula donated the amount to the Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity, still, the money got seized from his bank account. One of Count Dankula’s gimmicks is to point out the ridiculousness of political correctness. And it makes me think if one day I get more popular, will I get in trouble by some of the comparisons and contrasts I make on certain subjects or topics?

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