50 Spaces To Collect Your Own B-Roll Clips

A list created by: Lee Sonogan

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B-Roll Definition: In film and television production, B-roll, B roll, B-reel or B reel is supplemental or alternative footage intercut with the main shot.

When you are a video creator, you need B-Roll footage to visually express your bulk of ideas. In 2020 there are many people these days in need of no copyrighted footage they can use to contribute to there projects. This is why I have been filming footage for such this purpose. Either for UNGROOVYGORDS PRODUCTIONS or individual clips, there is plenty of places that I could record and document free (ish) recordings for myself and others.

  1. Time-Lapse videos (Of Any Environment In Motion)
  2. Shooting The Breeze (In Any Location)
  3. The Kitchen (Cooking Food, ECT)
  4. Specific Residential Architecture
  5. Commercial Shops Or Non-Profit Businesses
  6. Industrial Zones And Interior Factory Floors
  7. Visually Impressive Public Structures
  8. Government Or Civic Owned Buildings
  9. Street Art
  10. Man On The Street Interviews
  11. Someone Or People Playing Musical Instruments
  12. A Local Physical Sports Competition In The Crowd
  13. Performance Art That Is Not A Work Or A Part Of A Work
  14. High Rising Locations Overlooking Pedestrians
  15. Airports
  16. Shopping Malls
  17. Marketplaces
  18. Farms
  19. Exploring Forests
  20. Parks, Gardens And Various Vegetation
  21. Use A Head Mount And Go For A Ride
  22. Rent A Drone And Gather Ariel Shots
  23. Beaches/Oceans
  24. Rivers, Pools, Waterfalls, Lakes
  25. Docks, Piers
  26. Caves, Holes, Canals, Canyons
  27. Detailed Or Bare Mountains
  28. Construction Sites
  29. Bridges
  30. Carnivals/Festivals
  31. Cemeteries
  32. Man-Made Mazes
  33. Train Stations
  34. Skate Parks
  35. Public Sculptors
  36. Dance Floors
  37. Stadiums
  38. Office Spaces
  39. Cosplay Meetups
  40. Colleges Or Universities
  41. Science Experiments
  42. Fireworks Display
  43. Native Animals
  44. A Zoo Or Sanctuary Of Animals
  45. Random Comedy skits (If I learn how to write comedy)
  46. VS Or Solo Traning Montages
  47. Underwater Waterproof Shots
  48. Travelling Exterior Shots Using A Suction Cup Mount
  49. 360 Spin Shots Using A Mechanized Gimble
  50. Angles Of The Sun Or The Moon

This is my way of having an extra online cloud of aesthetic footage I could use for anything while also share it for anyone to use. As you have just read, just like the ideas I could use for writing, there is always something out there to inspire you to create and band-aid together onto a more polished piece of content.



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