Doctor Sleep, a book review

A book review written by Lee Sonogan

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“FEAR stands for fuck everything and run.” ― Stephen King, Doctor Sleep

Finishing this as my second ever audiobook ever listened, Stephen King delivers again. Enjoying the movie of The Shining and a few other novels by King, I had to check out this sequel for myself. Doctor Sleep emphasises the psychological depths King’s style is able to achieve and makes me want to read the original as it surely must be even greater than the film.

The story takes place many years after The Shining and Dan Torrance is now a man. As a middle-aged man, his gifts encounter a special 12-year-old who he must save against a tribe of savage paranormal people. The True Knot survives in a semi-state of immortality by feeding of children who contain “steam” or have a little bit of shine.

In this new story, the characters grab the reader to a point of engagement that all individuals feel unique. You can empathise with Dan Torrance’s alcoholism relevant to his father. The True Knot has a charismatic leader with various creepy followers. And the brutal depiction of the child Abra Stone when she fights back.

Then the real power of this book is King’s descriptive power of graphic and controversial detail. Putting all this information together shows the chemistry between all themes and concepts. I highly recommend this book to fans of King and people who have never read or seen any of his artistic expression. Watching the movie version of this book as I write this, stay tuned for that review on ENTERTAINMENT CULTURE ONLINE in the near future for comparisons and contrasts between the two.


“FEAR stands for face everything and recover – Old AA saying” ― Stephen King, Doctor Sleep

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