In Defense Of Kaitlin Bennett

An article written by Lee Sonogan

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Kaitlin Bennett may be the most hated women right now in America, but why? Liberty Hangout contains an attempt to establish an open dialogue between the people of opposite political ideology. Most of the time it ends with an attack from the tribalistic group mentality of the people she interviews and others gathering. Concerning and entertaining at the same time, her right-leaning beliefs are surely not as bad as the leftists in her videos and Twitter say.

Known for the advocacy of gun rights and anti-abortion thoughts, the intention in Kaitlin’s work is not to provoke the aggressive emotional reaction. While her opinions are considered controversial, words like racist, various phobic, and worse are not true. The conservative journalist dares to face ensuing crowds at the end exposes the lack of tolerance that the so-called liberals have in America.

It is disgusting how a mob can form so fast and their influence to make most into dumb and unnecessary bullies. In reality, this type of behaviour shows the disrespect towards the diversity of ideas. Humans expressing their anger through the lens of ego become what they hate. These concepts present the civil war of an unbalanced world where initial and respectful personal logic is confused with bias agendas.

The video below may be the most intense one yet as hundreds of people call her names of all sorts consistently. Googling her name you will find hundreds of more articles accusing her of provoking the portrayed violence. Even Logan Paul encouraged people to continue to harass her under the assumption that she deserves it. Instead of clips cut out of context, understand her by consuming a whole video instead before judging to this extent.

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