Polymath Explained

An article written by Lee Sonogan

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“Any man who bears the ability of a polymath shall not be interfered by specialty, he needs discipline to manage his behaviors and nurture his creativity.” ― Shawn Lukas

The individual who holds knowledge from a significant number of subjects can be considered a Polymath. Polymath the word originated in the 16th century by those know to be able to draw on complex bodies of information to solve specific problems. Some of the great thinkers of our history dedicated their lives to the evolution between a combination of their wisdom in action.

While these unique people are lacking in modern times, the capacity of humans limitless potential for development is still true as ever. A “gifted” person such as this ponders the question of investing in the best of our people to improve there mind as full as possible. Or continue with the system of what decided as earnt is fair game?

Typing, blogging and the wide amount of topics I can write about makes me know, niche speciality is not everything. One should aim to be consistent and add more experience into everything you do. This requires a lot of time to reflect, personally become more stable in what is clear. How to research what is needed, planning out methods. And much more related to an overall solid connection of thought.

More processes to maintain as you are content with greater weights of complexity:

  • Read or listen to audiobooks
  • Test concepts in technical examples
  • Note everything you could potentially forget as a reminder to become refreshed
  • Don’t get distracted and fall back on what is recently learnt
  • Always talk about whatever you find in-person or conversation
  • Find motivation in the webs of unconscious curiosity
  • Most likely much more not listed here.

A cornucopia can be chaotic in respectable order. Because gaining a balance between the new genre and existing memory is a difficult external and internal challenge to pull off. Physical health of mind and soul is a section of being what is called a “renaissance man”. Digitally there is plenty of technology available at your fingertips to absorb important understandings. In the reality where you execute matter of thoughts, intertwines education into the answers why it is good to be aware as much as you can.

“He used his intellect as he used his legs: to carry him somewhere else. He studied astrology, astronomy, botany, chemistry, numerology, fortification, divination, organ building, metallurgy, medicine, perspective, the kabbala, toxicology, philosophy, and jurisprudence. He kept his interest in anatomy and did a dissection whenever he could get hold of a body. He learned Arabic, Catalan, Polish, Icelandic, Basque, Hungarian, Romany, and demotic Greek.” ― Sylvia Townsend Warner, Kingdoms of Elfin



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