King Of Thieves, a movie review

A movie review written by Lee Sonogan

1hr48min (2018) Crime, drama

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“I’ll have you for chunks.” – Brain Reader

An infamous true story turned into a British cinematic Michael Caine movie. Casting includes a collection of old-timer actors such as Michael Gambon, Jum Broadbent, Ray Winstone. Brimming with potential with a few more well names as cameos, this film received a mixed of average rating in the reviews.

Relevant Fact: Successfully Made over $11 million dollars at the box office.

Seeing this DVD was laying around the house, I had to check it out recently watching another Michael Caine flic. The boy’s banter gets interesting as when their plan to do a heist leads to problems, there is no honour between thieves is thrown into the display. There you got to credit Caine’s badassness in a few scenes making him seem like the king.

The second half of the robbery the story becomes messy and mundane. Key moments for performances should be credited but somehow the payoff failed its portrayal. The wholesome fun and funny first half were undermined in the development of seriousness. Felt like a TV movie, with a greedy conclusion I could not get fully behind.


“They would say that, wouldn’t they?” – Basil/Michael Seed

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