Ungroovygords Music Playlist: 12

A list created by Lee Sonogan

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Heres a playlist for this month of February! Will 2020 have the same or more intriguing releases from bands this year compared to the previous one? More than enough album reviews were manifested from the catalogue of new music I have been obtaining lately in some internal lists. Stay tuned for some more Open Letters to request a collaboration between artists and more sub-genre topics.

  • Very Noise – Igorrr (2020 Very Noise Album)
  • Swallowing The Rabbit Whole -Code Orange (2020 Underneath Album)
  • Inside Out – Five Finger Death Punch (2019 Inside Out Album)
  • Holy Wolf – ANKOR (2020 YouTube Channel – ANKOR)
  • The In-Between – In This Moment (2020 The In-Between Album)
  • The Chain – Evanescence (2019 The Chain Album)
  • Cheval – Igorrr (2017 Cheval Album)
  • Music Box – Ruby My Dear (2018 Brame Album)
  • Fiction – Not My God (2020 Fiction Album)
  • Smack My Bitch Up – Frog Leap Studios (Metal Cover)
  • Opus Brain – Igorrr (2017 Optus Brain Album)
  • Soak Me In BLeach – The Amity Affliction
  • Big Bad Wolf – In The Moment (2014 Big Bad Wolf Album)
  • Straight to Hell – Ozzy Osbourne (2019 Straight to Hell Album)
  • Underneath – Code Orange (2020 Underneath Album)
  • Checkmate – Lamb Of God (2020 Checkmate Album)
  • Animus – Monuments (2020 Animus Album)
  • Faint – Haloscene (2020 Rock Cover)
  • Nero Forte – Slipknot (Unsainted)
  • Dance Monkey – Frog Leap Studios (Metal Cover)

Thinking of potential playlist themes I could compile next include: Progressive and alternative genre. Songs with the best musical instrument solos. Multiple anthem type of rhythm tunes. Best of the decade in rock and metal singles from albums. Melodies best heard live (Recorded Live Performances Live) So much more other playlist prompts to list as well!



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