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I came for DBZA and fell in love with everything else. Once upon a time I would rush home to get the new episode of DBZ. Then years later I would get that same bit of that magic back, and I would sneak episodes in at work instead of after school. And then came the new things, and I had something to look forward to almost every day. And then Dungeons and dragons and damn. To know something grew this much from scripting and dubbing over something is just magical in itself. Don’t cry because its over, smile and laugh for what you were able to accomplish – xDRAMx, YouTube Comment

DBZA was one of the best parodies or satires ever done to an existing anime. Creators, Team Four Star have officially announced the end of the web-based viral videos. Working on it for over 1o years, this article by RJ WRITING INK and the video on their YouTube channel dissects why.

Rewatching watching series from episode one again recently, the nostalgia was fantastic. Only finding out now of this news, season 4 as promised has been taken away just like that. Justified for many reasons as explained by the voice actors themself, the brand built of its back has a new vision. Season 3 has been left too perfectly to be anything other than a work of completion.

Maybe in the future, they will bring it back or do a new movie or two. Also, they could start Dragon Ball Super Abridged with whole new voice actors if Team Four Star really wants to make their fans happy. More or less, the legacy of this dub is worthy of its glory that is highly recognized.

From the outset, the series set itself apart from other abridged series. It didn’t just parody the show; it celebrated everything about the beloved anime, faults and all. In some ways, I think it improved on the base that the anime set up. As a result, the series became a hit in the fledgeling YouTube community and propelled Team Four Star to success.

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