Justice League: Trinity War, a graphic novel review (The New 52!)

A graphic novel review written by Lee Sonogan

(2011) Action, mystery, fantasy

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“There’s a reason I don’t have a list of villains as long as Bruce’s, Barry’s, or even yours. When I deal with them, I deal with them.” ―Geoff Johns, Justice League: Trinity War

In the first big event of The New 52! the arc leading to this payoff spans over several titles. Justice League Dark and Justice League of America join together to solve the mystery of Pandora’s Box. Linking an alternative universe Earth-3’s Crime Syndicate is introduced in this part that leads into the “Forever Evil” Storyline.

Delivering everything you would want in action and mystery, the visual style of each page adds suspense to both genres. It captures the supernatural themes from the DARK side of the Justice League, with the common themes of what makes a hero on the other. Focusing on Martian Manhunter and Constantine as key characters were what carried this book to end.

Finding this to be one of the most standouts from The New 52! Series, the interesting cameo appearances was not enough to make it seem less simple and straightforward it was. The graphic novel is thick and turning a page just flys by. Although holding some originality in some sections above the cliche civil war concept, there is some mess there with so many characters packed into their panels.

It was engaging in intensity but something did not feel right in what it could have been. Still, for dialogue sake, it was able to correctly flow. Watching the sequel Forever Evil in the video below that review may be rated higher than this. Would recommend if you don’t mind my negative comments, and are intrigued by the positives.

“TRINITY WAR has all the bells and whistles you need– CRAVEONLINE




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