Fact or Fiction? You Will Become Something Else Living Too Long In Space

A “Fact or Fiction?” article written by Lee Sonogan

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Former NASA astronaut, Garrett Reisman poses a question if what would happen if you did not fight the impulsing effect of space? Learning about this man’s journeys from the Joe Rogan Experience, the now engineer Senior Advisor at SpaceX has many stories to tell. From living underwater for 2 weeks straight and experience gained in space ponders the real effects of reality.

First off, being an astronaut seems like the most paranoid and stressful way to live. You don’t go there for the food as that is just one of the limitations you will have to face. Not including the billions of kinds of radiation out there, the mind is challenged as well. With no gravity, the body decides that energy does not need to be running through the bone and goes straight to the mind.

Bone destiny hence decreases where you are required to work out consistently to combat the environment’s ensuing absorption of the physical. Manipulating the blood to flow at different levels, morphing the structure of the human vessel. Documenting medical situations travelling the universe would be beneficial to any new biological findings.

Elon Musk wants to eventually die on Mars. The future outside this ball of matter is looking bright foremost in conjunctions of the sheer resources floating around us. The science advanced in the new era will be inspired far away. How much apart of this will execute results? It the next obvious step moving to a place beyond the digital age achievable in our lifetimes.

Fact or Fiction? Not well tested but with 25 $Billion dollars being funded to major space companies in America and other places in 2021, anything is possible.



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