Starter’s Guide To Writing: Under Pressure

An article written by Lee Sonogan

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Structuring words together in conjunction and committing may produce stress. At times when you are questioning your actions, the best course of action is turning it into a positive. Either in what is right or/and the style it will be presented as. Once that is overcome, then the pressure can be channelled into art.

Pressure can be a double-edged sword as one side is sharpened management vs a blunt side of conformity. Meaning the point of stress is a step towards flow while the other side is prone to laziness. The method of using a balance between the two creates motivation and execution by the end.

Courage is grace under pressure. Ernest Hemingway

For example, the techniques and skills needed to use pressure to your advantage are to forge a vision and motivation together. The goal encompasses an ideal direction and the willpower to do so. Aiming the sword can not necessarily break down walls when you want to. In gaining progress you have to be tested personally or publically.

Naming some methods that I do is first make sure the overall vocabulary keywords are new into various subjects. Works of drafts full of research and planning the makes the load easier. Keeping up with Search Engine Optimization and Readability scores. Even a Writing From Scratch series on my YouTube channel UNGROOVYGORDS PRODUCTIONS.

Instincts under pressure crush the carbon of conformity and create diamonds. Each new season of life offers to train us for the next season if we pay attention and adapt. – T. D. Jakes

Your content of character is determined by the events of a questionable situation. An opportunity to express something real into your work. Dealing with pressure, the path is not to fold into knots but evolve weakness into something of matter. In time experience of compiling your thoughts will make you feel confident in many areas.

During fight or flight responses is where the best concepts come from. Be aware of the conjunctions hidden or clear to what you understand. Some of the best ideas manifest themself once completion is memorable. Knowledge and history delivers craftsmanship in the third-degree if you make it an important personal discipline.

You can get people the qualifications; But you can’t teach them the qualities they’re going to need. You can’t teach integrity, a drive for excellence, refusal to quit under pressure. It’s too late to build that into people you’re going to hire. – Roger Ailes

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