Pro-Choice vs Pro-Life

An article written by Lee Sonogan

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As a man do I have a right to way in this controversial debate? Regardless I have no sides although there are cons and pros to both sides worth talking about. To deliver a middle ground from my understanding, abortion is another highly political argument between all. Adding in my two cents to the discussion about new life, morality surrounds this issue mostly for the ones who are considering this option.

Starting with the fundamental rights any human being should have, termination of a pregnancy is no easy task taken lightly. Or the fertilisation conception for that matter. Since 1973, 50 million babies get aborted every year from around the world with the reason mostly being that the birth giver was not ready to be a parent.

To justify induced abortions under rape, incest or serious medical condition contains 7% percent of that number every year. Then there are the accidents young people are surely to have. My main concern is that these numbers are still way too high. If you don’t get the message of life beginning at conception the first time, the women’s right is undermined to a point where you might as well call it a form of contraception.

ā€œI’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.ā€ ā€• Ronald Reagan

Abortion is both murder and a primal necessity for survival in some case. The psychological damage through studies dictates it causes increased risks of mental health after. Hence, access to legal methods is important because the will of the mother will find alternative ways to do so. On the other hand, it encourages a culture where all human life is disposable.

Does producing a child at any form hold you to the responsibility of accepting consequences? The answer is yes and of taking the easy route, adoption is one solution. Even though foster homes statically have a lower quality of life, it is better than no potential life at all.

I could describe so many more benefits and negatives to this conversation that makes truths both ways. Such as the overall time and effort for women, society, and life. With a bit of common-sense overcoming contradictions, it all depends on the situation of the health of the humans and the fetus. Finally is your choice for the improvement of humanity or fixing a mistake you regret?

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