Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck and Combos: Rokket

The DARK Dragon monsters are from the newest generation Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS. Coming across them in my online duels, I worked out how they play. Using link monsters and their own effects, in combination, they allow a variety of offensive moves that are fun to use.


Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon

Exploder Dragon X2

Speedburst Dragon X3

Autorokket Dragon X2

Rokket Tracer

Metalrokket Dragon

Magnarokket Dragon X2

Silverrokket Dragon X2

Rokket Sychron X3

Absorouter Dragon X3



Boot Sector Launch X3


Power Of The Guardian X2

Borrel Regenerator X2

Squib Draw X2

Dragon Shield

Return of the Dragon Lords X2

Twin Twister X2

Hidden Armour



Imperial Iron Wall

Royal Decree

Link Turret

Tactical Exchanger


(40 Cards In Overall Deck)



Borrel Savage Dragon X2



Evilswarm Exciton Knight

Borreload eXcharge Dragon

Time Thief Redoer



Booster Dragon X2

Dillingerous Dragon X2

Quadborrel Dragon

Triple Burst Dragon

Miniborrel Dragon

Striker Dragon X2

Borrelsword Dragon



The main cards in this consist of mostly the Link monsters in the extra deck. Because you need them to activate each unique effect of the normal effect monsters. Luckily most of them require only two sacrifices.

Get either Absorouter Dragon or Exploaderokket Dragon to the graveyard using Quadborrel Dragon, Twin Twister or destroyed from the field, then if you have a Rokket Synchron then you can synchro summon them together to summon the strongest monster Borrelload Savage Dragon the field.

Nearly all the Rokket cards allow you to special summon them one way or another, even some of them allow multiple summonses from the deck, graveyard or hand.

Protection cards include Power the Guardian, Imperial Iron Wall, Dragon Shield, Return of the Dragon Lords, Royal Decree, and extra monster effects.



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