An Open Letter To My Future Self

An uncategorized post written by Lee Sonogan

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We’re all just memories of our future selves. – Reggie Watts

Hello, how long has it been? One year, five years, ten or twenty? Or will this open letter to you know who be lost in time forever? Regardless, here is my past self in all his glory. Maybe you need a reminder of your old mate Ungroovygords, hence a potential purpose why this was written.

Here is a brief example of where I am at. Over the one-million-word mark in writing, I am aiming even higher. Creativity has fuelled you to overcome the painful mistakes of the past. Gathering some wisdom, you are free without most of the pressures of life. Proud of the changes made, peace obtained seems never quite enough.

Achieving the desired identity and published more than ever expected, there is plenty of more goals in mind. Every day progress is made that you probably don’t need me to list. Although I am excited about the future, the slow-burning process keeps you up at night. Anxiety still remains but the holding on to this ego is clearly losing its grip.

Now you may go under a new name or alias. Your conjunctions could be linked to so much more. Man, there are so many questions for you off the top of my head. Years of more personal work will most likely make you more complex. Life is a performance art that engages the foundations of reality.

Hopefully, you find this mentality entertaining compared to how you are thinking today. This is my gift to you and the people you decide to keep around. Our truth has gotten us this far beyond the adversity of alternative realms. In the end, I have faith in you that whatever may happen, the next chapter will have you reflecting on this and then fill you full of satisfying pride. All the tools are already available to you which will engineer anything you desire.

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