You, a tv show review (Season One & Two)

A tv show review written by: Lee Sonogan

45min (2018-) Crime, drama, romance

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Going in knowing it would be in the romance genre, I questioned what this show could be. You is a psychological thriller with a dark theme relating to the emotion of love. Asking the questions how far would you go for love while acting out deep impulses. Joe Goldberg is a character that can be described as an anti-hero as he seems normal although what was displayed later makes you morally question that viewpoint brutally.

SPOILERS! Old mate Joe is a stalker and an obsessive pathologic. Taking creepy to the next level, his weird behaviour is slowly justified as he narrates his experience. From one moment he could be thinking about something and then say something completely different. Developing this unpredictability keeps you engaged in what will happen next.

The deadly bookkeeper character concept has plenty of references in the dialogue. Twists and turns deliver on its weirdness style. Joe’s custom made cage adds an amazing dynamic for most of the memorable scenes. Finally, the performances have a range where emotive language throws you off the upcoming truths.

Blending or mixing what is considered normal or abnormal and presenting a balance, the tone of this show is what I had been looking for if I was going to focus on some fiction writing with romance. Oddly satisfying, it is definitely a binge-watching type of show.

Concluding one more review, the actor Penn Bagley is intriguing enough for me to look for what else he has done. My opinion between season 1 and 2 is that the second season was better. It established origins and motives how the Joe character fits in this universe. With a scheduled next season, I am excited how the world-building will proceed, what they will do to push even darker, finally get more credit than it already deserves.


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