Fact Or Fiction? The Yellowstone Volcano

An article written by: Lee Sonogan

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“The geysers and hot springs of the Yellowstone are another proof of recent volcanic activity.” – Ellsworth Huntington

The Yellowstone National Park mostly in the USA state Wyoming plus Montana and Idaho sits on top of a volcanic hot spot. Opening in 1872, it was only in the 1960s that scientists realized the 44 miles length of the hidden supervolcano. For years conspiracies have come out that it could potentially erupt at any moment. Are the government creating contingency plans for the aftermath that could reach every corner of America?

The last known eruption was 70,000 years ago leading some to believe it is due to blow. Classified as dormant, the shifting dirt between the mantle and the upper crust is anyone’s guess. While the research laboratory there is one of the most funded places in central America, what are they saying about it?

They are saying the interconnected maze of gas and water the boiling rivers and geysers are pressure release valves. Which are rising the surrounding terraces at least 3 feet per year. If the magma below pieces through, it is expected to be only a small amount. The shallow depths from what can be seen seems relatively safe from my understanding.

Fact or Fiction? A potential threat if something abruptly changes but unlikely to explode in the now.

“Wyoming, home to Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Tetons, is also the country’s largest coal producer and one of its largest gas drillers. Two-thirds of the state’s gas-drilling rigs are on public lands in the increasingly industrialized Greater Green River Basin.” – Lydia Millet



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