Oldboy, a movie review

A movie review written by: Lee Sonogan

2hr (2003) Action, drama, mystery

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Dae-su Oh: If they had told me it was going to be fifteen years, would it have been easier to endure?

One of the greatest international films of all time. Oldboy is a second instalment of The Vengence trilogy. Each movie is different and delivered differently. This movie is the most popular out of the three that has a strange but powerful story of revenge. First time watching I did not watch it all although second time around I found an appreciation for it.

Describing the story, after 15 years being captured, released, he has five days to find his former captors. More complex than that, the psychological elements makes for good dialogue choices. Cinematography encompasses dark and wholesome artistic expression. And contains one of the most brutal one-take fight scenes ever made.

With a low budget of only 3$ million dollars, it achieved success by making back $15 million at the box office. Overlooking some plot holes and some flaws, it keeps you engaged by its technique to suspend believe. Winning the 2004 Cannes Film Festival and gaining high praise from the director Quentin Tarantino, that alone is worth judging this one for itself.

Don’t read the reviews before, just watch it. Some may say its too disturning, on the other hand, people say it is compelling and savagely emotional. For acting sake, the main character delivers establishing a terrific performance overall. Then the twist at the end may be the most shocking of it all.


Dae-su Oh: If by any chance Mido should find out the truth, you son of a bitch, I’m going to rip you limb from limb. And your remains will never be found. Why? Because I’m going to swallow every last bit.



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