The Gender Pay Gap Does Not Exist

An article written by Lee Sonogan

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The following article is controversial to some and will piss off people into extreme equality. Absolute equality about many subjects blows things out of proportion with the true facts overlooked. Statically any information can twist to your own narrative, without a conjunction in reality. Discrimination of pay due to gender is illegal. Why there is a difference is because men and women are different on how they work and live.

“Companies are not sexist, they pay you for what you are worth…” – Vincit-Lloyd

Primarily, any study or number showing the lower figures compared to men exist is because there are more men on planet Earth. Then while there is a push for diversity in the cushy and most respected jobs, the dirty or dangerous jobs are mostly male-dominated. Supply and demand for any quality employee should be the tools and skills they bring to the table.

Questioning why anyone would disagree with that, this conversation continues. Wouldn’t more businesses higher more women if they were paid less? Misleading comments of the tribalistic/unnecessary battle of the sexes, men and women are very different in their choices. The real issue is not between the characteristics between our legs, but the roles of mothers and fathers most commonly executed.

The gender pay gap or gender wage gap is the average (< keyword) difference between the remuneration for men and women who are working.

Naming some observations most people have, on average men will work longer full-time hours. Ask for pay rises and move or change the location for a new job. Women decide to be mothers or enter many dominated female roles such as customer service, nursing, psychology, teaching and plenty more. Type of honest services that have different hours, requirements and more suited to the more typical caring gender.

Concluding this article, the ideology of making everything the same seems very extreme communism like. For the last twenty years pushing towards these forms of ideas has failed. There are aspiring women out there making their impact in the world, overall every woman or man deserves value determined by the merit they contribute. The sexist argument is absurd and only holds back women or any other individual in getting what they desire or deserve.

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