50 Of The Best Good Morning Britain Debate Videos

A list created by Lee Sonoghan

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Morning talk shows usually are dull and offer only recent news and wholesome segments. Any interview in between lacks in substance due limitations of time and what they are allowed to say. Good Morning Britain and presenter Piers Morgan’s debates on morning tv have changed this stereotype tp some degree. Taking on all issues, controversial, to obscure, these forms of discussion are much needed in all mainstream platforms.

1 . Is Ringing Big Ben for Brexit Worth Half a Million Pounds?

2. Is It Time to Stop Reflecting on Past Wars?

3. Should We Stop Having Kids to Save the Planet?

4. Should We Be More Patriotic? |

5. Should We Be Ashamed of Winston Churchill? |

6. Should Kids Always Give Up Seats for the Elderly?

7. Should Mobile Phones Be Banned in Schools?

8. Can Strippers Also Be Feminists?

9. Is Loyalty Overrated?

10. What Is Wrong With Being Told to ‘Man Up’?

11. Should We Stop Having Kids to Save the Planet?

12. Is The English Flag Racist?

13. Should Talent Be Considered When Sentencing for a Crime?

14. Should You Be Forced to Retire

15. Wheelchairs vs. Buggies – Who Should Get Preference on Buses?

16. Is It Worth Going to University?

17. Are ‘Paedophile Hunters’ Getting in the Way of the Law?

18. Is It Snobby to Reject Fast Food?

19. Does Your Accent Affect Your Chances in Life?

20. Does the Gender Pay Gap Really Exist?

21. Should It Be Illegal for Politicians to Lie?

22. Should You Spy on Your Children?

23. Do We Need to Censor Humour?

24.Has the #MeToo Movement Gone Too Far?

25. Is It Offensive to Say ‘Fat’?

26. Is Greta Thunberg a Force for Change or Inciting Fear?

27. Do Transgender Athletes Have an Advantage in Female Sporting Events?

28. Alan Sugar Goes Head to Head With Piers Morgan

29. Jeremy Kyle and Chloe Khan Become Passionate During Plastic Surgery Debate

30. Would Nude Art Classes Benefit Children?

31. Is Facebook a Force for Good or Evil?

32. Should We Give Food and Money to the Homeless?

33. Is ‘Sadfishing’ Dangerous for Young People?

34. Is the Customer Always Right?

35. Are Millennials Useless?

36. Are Extinction Rebellion Protesters Heroes or Villains?

37. Do We Need an International Men’s Day?

38. Has Britain Lost Its Greatness?

39. Should There Be a Limit to Gender Identities?

40. Piers Morgan’s Most Fiery Vegan Debates Ever!

41. Piers Clashes With Guest Over Banning Skirts Debate

42. Should We Name Mass Shooters?

43. Piers Clashes With Diane Abbott During Nuclear Weapons Debate

44. Piers Morgan Loses His Cool During Chivalry Debate |

45. Piers Gets in a Furious Debate on Whether or Not Men Can Be Mothers

46. Piers and Deputy Green Party Leader Clash in Meat Tax Debate

47. Piers Morgan Debates Headscarf Ban With Muslim Women

48. Promotional Girls Defend Their Work During Fiery Feminism Debate

49. Does God Have a Gender?

50. Should Schools Ban Homework?

Surprisingly I started liking Piers Morgan after his appearance on the Hotboxin’ podcast with Mike Tyson and various clips of these debates making its impact online. Even the other presenters make for entertaining debates to watch. As the conversation widens to this extent, this is exciting for the next decades to come.



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