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A fresh new update means more reasons to keep playing this game. Being my most played game that counts in time use, clocking over 1000 hours has shown me some progress. Although the struggle is real in the new island of Karakin. I shall make some comments but the original article by Beebom will contain more features not mentioned here.

I have only played this new a few times due to the main menu still limited in only choosing random maps. Even though a fourth map is a nice addition, there is still plenty to learn in the more smaller/condensed location. Focusing on close-quarter combat, the entire island is perfect for all sorts of shootouts.

For example, the two-kilometre map is packed full of new features. Briefly listing some without to much detail, there is more bullet penetration environments, new weapons, hidden locations and new vehicles. Including various skins and outfits unique to the design of Karakin.

I totally want to get my hands on these new explosive and highly useful weapons. Would make for some good content for a compilation video I do of this video game. Already have some chicken dinner footage to be compiled with whatever kills I record under music. Also, this new update makes me think of new ways to write my fan-fiction on different directions.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, better known as PUBG, has been pushing out a slew of impressive updates, of recent. We saw the battle royale game introduce throwables and vending machines a couple of months ago. And now, PUBG for PC has received a major new update that swaps out the cold terrains of Vikendi for a smaller new islandic map Karakin. There’s also new weapons, vehicles, and other features added with version 6.1 update.

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