Colma, an album review (Buckethead)

An album review written by Lee Sonogan

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The artist who’s is known by the name Buckethead is an underrated guitarist in my opinion. Starting in the late eighties, today his musical discography is epic. With 32 normal studio solo albums, he has collaborated with so many bands that overall it’s around 300! Surprising enough, Colma is initially an instrumental album.

Naming a few high-profile artists Buckethead has worked with include Guns N Roses. A bunch of songs remixed from movies. My favourite lead sing Serj Tankian, Iggy Pop, Les Claypool, Viggo Mortensen and many more! Experience in many styles, he can appeal to anyone’s taste in music sub-genres.

The track listing for Colma:

  • Whitewash (Recommended)
  • For Mom
  • Ghost
  • Hills of Eternity
  • Big Sur Moon (Recommended)
  • Machete (Recommended)
  • Wishing Well
  • Lone Sai Bug (Recommended)
  • Sanctum (Recommended)
  • Wondering
  • Watching the Boats with My Dad
  • Ghost/Part 2
  • Colma (Recommended)

Back to Colma, released over twenty years ago writing about it today. Recorded while Buckethead’s mother was sick with colon cancer, he wanted to make this album to help her recovery. Referencing the name of this album, Colma is a town near San Francisco, California, where the dead population outnumber the living.

Highlighting rhythmic ability on acoustic guitar and making it unique is why this mixed received reaction has stood the test of time. For being particularly long songs, listening to them in order for the first time has blown me away. Wanting to give my first Buckethead rating a good one, it’s so hard to compare where it stands between the others.


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