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An article written by Lee Sonogan

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Because I am a part of the independent media, this article shall explain why it is important. The entertainment industry/media format is wide and complex in its nature. There are two sides to one coin in comparing independent and mainstream against each other. They both have many differences and their own advantages. Observations to the truth, today sources online is more credible while having integrity.

I have chosen to cast my lot with independent media outlets because I believe that only through independent reporting where you are not beholding to the interests of corporations or government are you able to really aggressively pursue the truth. – Jeremy Scahill

Philosophically speaking, limitations of all orders each have their own positives and negatives. Ideology is dominated in the language currently in 2020. Where absolutes and rules become people’s gods. The mainstream is pushing narratives for ulterior reasons, scripted down to each word. Creating inner conflicts of power, the presentation displays the saying ‘business as usual’. Other than bashing the mainstream, there should be more mainstream independent media that out ways the normal.  

While some do not take online material as necessary informative material, think that and you are not looking hard enough. Wisdom is always looking something and knowing it knows something you don’t know. Independently free to show as much detail that wants you to do more research about the topic yourself. Content on truths or the scientific facts is two ways to express your creativity without corporate/industry interest.

In owning your own writing, publishing your work in that action gives you some claims to copyright. Delivered in an experienced way can be more rewarding than earning more money at bigger platforms. For the author and the audience of fans willing to check out your stuff. Following many independent references makes my to-do list endless, I always find new concepts or think of a way of what to do next.

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