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As the smoke from interstate floating from Sydney, Melbourne and eventually where I live, its time to comment on it. This guest post on the acclaimed The world’s most viewed site on global warming and climate change has got me thinking. Humbled and grateful for not being one of the people devasted by its impact, I cannot stop myself from finding reasons on why and how these effects could be prevented.

It is said that over one billion animals have been killed with thousands of people losing homes and communities. Why were these communities not precisely protected from a threat such as this? In the political change in virtue seeking for climate change, the methods and techniques we use to minimise risk have turned to poor management.

While the prime minister takes a holiday, forest management has piled up and been neglected for years. Work that could be enforced through volunteering or paid environmental work has been overlooked. Social justice warriors or the Greens have made everyone scared in the use of reduction burns and no-risk solutions.

Looking at the information provided by the guest post writer Willis Eschenbach, you can see patterns within the statistics over the years. Why do people declare an emergency at the highest expected point while the breaking point of the world is still far away? In this article, I explain how climate change is an important issue that we still have time for although the experience of nature are signs that we should have had more wisdom and power to protect ourself.

I kept hearing so much about the Australian bushfires being the result of or driven by “climate change” or “global warming” that I thought I’d take a look at just what’s happened to the rainfall there.

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