Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck and Combos: Flip Monsters

Wanting to make this deck for a long time, the flip monster deck is nothing without Prediction Princess Tarotrei. A ritual monster perfect to be centred around flip monster effects once set up it is very fun to use.


Prediction Princess Tarotrei X3

Pot Of The Forbidden X2

Spear Creatin X3

Prediction Princess Coinorma

Prediction Princess Arrowslph

Prediction Princess Petaleif

Morphing Jar

Tingle Angel X3

Night Assailant

Manju of the Ten Thousands Hands X2

Aroma Jar



Swords of Revealing Light

Pot of Extravagance

Power of the Guardian X2


Double Summon X2

Twin Twister X2

Prediction Ritual X3

Shard Of Greed



Quaking Mirror Force X3

Scrubbed Raid

Needlebug Nest X2

Jar of Avarice X2


(Overall cards in the deck is 40)

Extra deck


Broeeldragon X3

Relinquished Anima




Number 39: Utopia

Number S39: Utopia Prime

Nuber Utopia the Lightening

Evilswarn Exciton Knight

Wind-Up Zemaines

Number C15: Gimmick Puppet Giant Hunter

Number 9: Dyson Sphere

Phantom Fortress Enterblatnir

Number 103: Ragnazero X2



The two main monsters in this deck are Pot Of The Forbidden and Prediction Princess Tarotrei. Both being level nine they can also be XYZ summoned together for a level 9 monster in the extra deck.

Pot Of the Forbidden has four different effects you can choose from when fliped face up. Prediction Princess Tarotrei’s effect allows you to flip Pot Of The Forbidden up and back face down in the same turn. Prediction Princess Coinorma, Spear Creatin and Tingle Angel, and Prediction Princess Tarotrei second effect can special summon this card to the field face-down.

Prediction Princess Tarotrei is a ritual monster that has two useful effects. Flip a monster on the field face-up or down which can be used for protection against attack. And flip monsters for effect like explained above.

Two Jar of Avarice cards for recycling cards. Use to select cards to return after using Needbug Nest to get through your deck. Prediction Princess Tarotrei can special summon monsters from the graveyard at the end of every turn if you have monsters in your graveyard.

Draw cards include: Pot Of Extravagance, Shard of Greed, Morphing Jar, Prediction Princess Arrowslph, Manju of the Ten Thousands Hands. Jar Of Avarice, Pot Of The Forbidden



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