11th Hour (Women’s Murder Club), a book review

A book review written by Lee Sonogan

(2012) Thriller, drama

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“between the buildings, and went from there to a basement hole, where whatever was left in the bag would be commandeered or the kid would get hurt—or both. The man known as Revenge worried about Traye, wondered how long he would survive. Another year? Another week? Deafening so-called music grabbed Revenge’s attention, coming from a car heading up the avenue behind him. He checked the mirror, saw the black BMW with the death’s-head stencils on the chassis. Okay. Now things were getting interesting. Revenge put the SUV in drive and when the BMW passed him, he pulled out into traffic behind it. Chapter 33” ― James Patterson, 11th Hour

Reading outside my comfort zone, 11th Hour was a story on my bookshelf that I had never read before. 400 pages long, in researching I am only just finding out now that it was the 11th book in a series of twenty. Strangely enough, the thriller crime franchise does not need to be read in order. Because of how it is presented and the easy to understand references to past events.

Remembering now that this book must have been the rubbish bag full I got when I was working at a food bank one time where I went to a landfill full of books. Normally this type of stuff does not interest me if it is not combined with some other genre. This crime story has many elements with of course the twist of who killed who at the end.

Lindsay Boxer os the main character of this series, and plays an important role in dealing with (Author) James Patterson’s characters. Pregnant through this book, SPOILERS! she deals with her husband and colleagues in many accusing ways. As one of the main plot points is a dirty cop on the force.

Will I continue to read these books either from the start or where I’m up to at 11? My answer is unlikely, even though I don’t want to discredit this book. It had me guessing who the true killer was and what happened next was always unpredictable. Regardless, even seven heads turning up in someone’s backyards has been done before.

“The ’11th Hour’ . . . may be the best Women’s Murder Club novel to date.” – Book Reporter website, Joe Hartlaud




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