Everything Published On ENTERTAINMENT CULTURE ONLINE In 2019

A list created by: Lee sonogan

Months after its launch, ENTERTAINMENT CULTURE ONLINE has made a more successful impact so far compared to UNGROOVYGORDS. Struggling to get over a hundred views when I started, each month of this year while the website was public it was able to get an average thousand views. Celebrating the new website’s 2019 success, the first post of 2020 shall be one of many.

Sharing links from my other website, there was plenty of content from UNGROOVYGORDS I can share as well. You might see Everything Published On UNGROOVYGORDS In 2019 on ENTERTAINMENT CULTURE ONLINE to cross-promote in the near future. For now, stay hyped as I intend to continue to write.

PS – Note to future self… make sure all the links are still working



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