Top 10 Anticipated Television Shows To Look Forward To In 2020

A list written by Lee Sonogan

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Excited for 2020 for many reasons, the television media hype behind next years schedule is huge. These days there are almost too many shows designed for each individual niche market. Allowing fans of all levels invested in one upcoming release or another, The following list is in no particular order is of either shows in pre-production, currently filming or some content is ready for its launch of a new season.

1. the Lord Of The Rings

Since the beginning of this year, Amazon’s Lord of the Rings has been in pre-production. Other then the rumours of this being about a young Aragon, it shall be about the main antagonist from J.R. R. Tolkien’s character Sauron. Not knowing much outside what the movies told, The Necromancer’s origin story in 2020 could be epic.

2. House of the dragon

300 years before the events of the story of Game of Thrones, this spin-off is about the House Targariyen. The powerful fantasy rulers were known for the use of their dragons. A prequel adapted from the adapted Fire & Blood (2018) written by George R. R. Martin, initially, this book was removed from its manuscript of The World of Ice & Fire (2014).

3. Avatar: The Last Airbender

Regardless of how light-hearted the original animated version looks, it has many darker elements to it. The M. Night Shyamalan live-action movie failed, a live-action version in episodes has the potential to be even better. It looks to be a wholesome show while appealing to deeper layers of stories of war against the Fire Nation. The Netflix original teaser trailer with all Japanese actors reflects these thoughts.

4. Y

Y is set in a post-apocalyptic world with Y being the last surviving male on the planet. Seeing it on lists recommend comics, this is one story that I have been meaning to buy for my self. With expected action, dramatic tones and fantasy elements, this show is currently in pre-production.

5. The Sandman

One of the all-time greatest comic books turned outside the pages. Neil Gaiman’s original name to fame revolutionizes comics starting late in 1989. Happy that he is an executive producer on the show, still this feat of being good is another thing. I feel like I will be critical to whoever ends up portraying the character of Dream. Plus it looks like the story will be based on the first graphic novel of the series as he gathers his lost equipment.

6. Snowpiecer

Love the original movie that has Chris Evans in it. The concept behind the train and the frozen dystopia world is enticing. While the class warfare factor creating many intriguing potential conflicts. Definitely something I would watch one or two episodes of.

7. The Stand 

A reboot based on a mini-series over twenty years ago based on Stephen King’s 1978 novel of the same name. Watching this almost nine years ago now, I had to lookup more about it. From the cast alone generates my interest. Also would be interesting to see how the old one compares with the new one.

8. Cowboy beep bop

I can see why there is interest in Cowboy Beepbop live-action tv show. If I had a committed list of Top 10 Animated tv shows of All Time, this one would be on it. A live-action show must re-use similar visual and audio styles of its predecessor. Fun enough that it does not get annoying and

9. The Walking Dead: World Beyond

A third series in The Walking Dead franchise goes into a new direction. This time in this universe the show is set around the first generation of the young grown up in the zombie apocalypse. Around the sixth season of the first series, I have up on The Walking Dead. Watched at least a season of Fear The Walking Dead. World Beyond from its trailer looks interesting as more as the others so it’s worth taking a look.

10. Star Trek: Picard

Ending this list with a Patrick Stewart recognization, as actors get older they seem to get better. I have not seen as much of Star Trek original content as I should have although I see it’s influenced in any other fiction revolving around space and visiting other planets. Interested in the sci-fi concepts this new show will reveal, I want this show to be good to motivate me to see the rest.

Honourable mentions go to untitled Star Wars projects and all returning seasons of shows I watch on the weekly. Hoping to get two more extra lists out before the clock turns 2020.

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