To Do List (2019-2020) Conclusion

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On the day before Christmas, I give you a conclusion of a list nearly a year in the making. Having goals, it is now time to cross out what was done and what was not done. Confident in what I have achieved this year, was 2019 as big for me as I predicted? Once more I shall predict that 2020 will be bigger.

My Writing

  • Get more creative making images for Instagram (Shared some promotion purpose images and videos.)
  • More from UNGROOVYGORDS Productions YouTube Channel (Started a “Writing from Scratch) series, did some monologues, around 45 videos on it so far)
  • Update SEO on blog posts and all social media posts (Went back and improved some posts while fixing up some social media on Facebook page)
  • Add in Links and Hashtags to all posts of my content on various websites (Done it as much as I could on social media, forum websites, relevant online groups/pages, and much more!)
  • More from UNGROOVYGORDS YouTube Video Game Channel (Uploaded a lot of Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon compilation vids, Deleted all footage that was never gonna get any more attention.)
  • Make a third and backup account for Facebook (Second back is still doing fine)
  • Hold a server event in a video game for fun and promoting purposes (UNGROOVYGORDS is my gaming name that is public, no event was taken place)
  • Live stream more! (Live streamed some Minecraft and Nuzlocke Pokemon challenge videos)
  • Get something published on the’s magazine that is launching January next year (Failed to launch)
  • Win the competition with (No response)
  • Pitch my movie script more (Pitched to Australian film production companies in a few ways with no reply)
  • Email online publications for potential opportunities (Sent emails to do guest posts, either had to pay per word or not fit what they wanted.)
  • Start teaching online about how to write (Only if I can do it as a payable service
  • Persuade someone to write a guest post on my blog (not successful)
  • Answer and ask more questions on (Only a few as it’s hard to answer with so many comments already made)
  • Find more question/answer related sites (Yahoo Answers)
  • Continue self-promoting self for free (Always do this in many ways)
  • Keep self-promoting short film and get it to a film festival (Send it into a few places in Melbourne, no response.)
  • Finish the first draft of Power from Within Vol 2 and more! (Added about an extra 5000 words)
  • Go back to editing Vengeance of a Brutal Cry (Added about 15,000 words, edited a lot to find out that so much more can be added to its current 74,000 words first draft.)
  • More quizzes and polls to gather audience information (Published one or two I think)
  • Create a second edition to my Novella Power From Within: Vol 1 – Birth of a Utopia (Halfway through proofreading one more)
  • Finish drafts of other projects I have not spoken about yet (At the time writing this I had not talked about my collection of poems book Spontaneous Variety)).
  • Get feedback on these other projects (Over eight people looking over my short film New Car Smell right now)
  • Collaborate with more people! (Tried my best)
  • Probably much more! (There was more!)

My Real Life

  • Complete some I listed in my to-do list last year
  • Go for a health check-up (Not official one but got recommended treatments for various small aliments)
  • Enquire to dentists about my teeth and what I can do for improvement
  • Working on my potential farming retirement plan book (Researched and compiled some information about this.)
  • Finish a free course (Did this in one way or another.)
  • Message people, I have not spoken to in a while (I did a couple, did not lead to anything interesting)
  • Join a writing group to make contacts (Looked with none looking appropriate.)
  • Go to a place where they recycle books and pick out interesting ones (Still finding a location for this)
  • Attend a monthly WordPress meetup in Melbourne (Did this once, it was alright
  • Find a new spot to use my metal detector
  • Use Boasman’s song to make an interesting video (Used in my first video poem named Curiosity Plus Ignorance)
  • Collaborate with Boasman to Re-master my first short film (Have not seen much progress just yet)
  • Dominate everyone in the new Super Smash Bros. video game on the Nintendo Switch (Online Smash lags too much to get good super quick.)
  • Visit the local pool and sit in the spa for some time a couple of times (Did this once this year)
  • Get back to writing in my journal more (Using it not regularly, but when I need to write something down before planning something)
  • Start doing more yoga using YouTube videos again (Did this a couple of times but gave up)
  • Sell all the extra stuff that I do not need (Sold about a quarter of things I do not need this year)
  • Probably much more! (There was more!)

Stay tuned in January for my To Do List 2020 – 2021 list that is already a draft. Or maybe it will be made on New Years to be themed with resolutions. Today is the final amount of time to pre-order my book (Spontaneous Variety) as on Christmas Eve.

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