Lists Week! (Bullet Points/Concepts)

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“I’m very much into making lists and breaking things apart into categories.” – David Byrne

Ending the year of a weekly themed basis, the next seven or so posted shall be list related. Coming back strong after some days of blogging away due to the record-breaking heat, a schedule like this is what I need. Focusing on my other categories this year, lists have as much value as any other piece of written content I have published.

Naming ideas within my collections of drafts include Meme Inquisition: 50 Of The Best Memes Of December, 2019. Fantasy Booking – WWE Vs AEW Win/Loss Records. Top 10 Ways To Kill Batman. 100 Impressive Minecraft base designs, To-Do List (2019-12020) Conclusion) various Famous People quotes and much more.

Mentioning some lists I could make off the top of my head include are Logs from my journal. 50 More Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards Useful In Every Deck. Quotes From Entertainment (Reblogged Content – ENTERTAINMENT CULTURE ONLINE). 100 No Copyright Video Idea For Anyone To Be Able To Use. More list ideas will come to me as this lists week begins.

Maybe ill even make a Top 10 themed weeks I Should Do On My Blog.

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