Harry Brown, a movie review

A movie review written by Lee Sonogan

1hr43mins (2009) Action, crime, drama

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Harry Brown: I don’t reckon you’ve got long. Seen that before. Gut wound. The slug’s probably torn right through your liver. Mate of mine in Ulster got caught in sniper fire. Bullet blew his inside out. He screamed for a good 10 minutes. We couldn’t send a medic in, the section was too hot. So we all took cover… and watched him die. I’ve never told that… to anyone… you should’ve called an ambulance… for the girl…

Michael Caine has made a lot of movies while like other older actors, some of their quality acting performance shines. Harry Brown is an ex-serviceman and widower who looks to avenge his best friend’s murder by giving out his form of justice. Praised for being England’s Gran Torino, it manages to stand out in its way.

After a well-timed burn, the movie becomes more gritty than one might expect. The disturbing nature of the story based on hooligans out of control, how this movie is presented is realist, with a touch of sound within all the suspense. The script engages you through empathy and intelligence, making the overall experience a very dramatic showing in each scene.

The revenge is this film seems completely justified as Michael Caine does his thing. Getting madder and madder, the movie has a thought-provoking message. Questing what our roles are as citizens, this movie deserves a little more than what It gets credit for. Naming one con though is that it is exciting even though the predictability has an element in what it lacks. Still, I recommend this movie if you enjoy the range of characters Michael Caine can convincingly do.


[last lines] S.I. Childs: Crime in the Estate has declined by almost 30 percent. With continued help from the members of the community, we hope to eradicate the criminal element who have long since blighted the lives of the silent majority.



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