Fact or Fiction? Intelligent Design

An article written by: Lee Sonogan

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“One cannot look at this Universe with all living productions & man without believing that all has been intelligently designed.” – Charles Darwin, 1861

Intelligent design is an argument for the existence of a god or gods. Being either religious or a philosophical concept, this theory does have some basis in science. Evolution vs intelligent design is both hypotheses in their own right. In this article, I intend to describe the pros and cons of the wide idea of intelligent design while determining my own opinions about the origins of life.

The debate on this complex issue has raged on for over one hundred years. Even schools have banned these ideas taught in schools. In the gaps in human knowledge, anything becomes justified. In analysing facts from fiction, for the process considered as scientific, it must go through many areas while both sides are worth learning

Occam’s Razor dictates the simplest truth is usually the best answer. Applied both ways, the pros and cons are simple in intelligent design. Comparing and contrasting the metaphysical and the natural, the connection between mind and body is still mostly misunderstood. Information is so vast that when you investigate anything, there is always some logical contradictions.

Believing in the possibility of intelligent design as I have experienced the spiritual sense plus the comments of simulation theory that many scientists I respect think about. So where is the evidence for Intelligent Design? Studies into our DNA is one example. The physical architecture of the life-sustaining universe is another.

Adding to more observed and peer-reviewed topics, the biological diversity found in humans, fossils and individuals make a consistent argument. The cells at the quantum level create patterns as well that are not categorised as natural, physical, or chemical. Science does hold truths but is not universal truths just quite yet.

I say the Intelligent Design-evolution debate misses the point. It trivializes God and it trivializes science. The universe is like the hand of God. The world is God’s body. – Michael Dowd

Ending this article, I wish I had more evidence to provide to whoever reads this. Experimenting with intelligent design only leads to more questions than answers although what we call facts are not absolute. Dis-proving ideas do not make them disappear, they turn truths into a conspiracy. Conspiracies remain because they still hold parts of the truth that are waiting to be truly told.

Fact or Fiction? Still undecided at 50/50 and impossible to know right now.



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