Starter’s Guide To Writing: How To Write Your First Blog Post

An article written by: Lee Sonogan

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Who, what, when, why and how must be answered before publishing your first post. Having to write two first blog posts in my lifetime, this first step will lead you into a writing career. Paving a foundation down on what is to come, your aim starts right here. If you are interested in blogging and struggling to launch your first piece of content, then read this.

Firstly, this should be the easiest post you initially do. If considering making a website or creating written content online, establish who you are now. What are your relevant experiences in life? Why have you decided to make your first blog? Who are you beyond some strange man behind a keyboard.

The presentation of the website used is one thing, just simply introducing yourself is key. How this blog post can be portrayed is a simple welcome or first post. To be interested in all this is you have a voice inside you. Clearly state your goals and articulate what you find most important.

Time and effort are needed to blog so, practise your first post as a draft. Explain who you’re writing for while writing for yourself. How they can get involved, for example, social media plus much more. Research questions you can not currently answer. And preparation on grammar/readability.

Overall, do not doubt the first post otherwise you may not be ready yet. Do not get overwhelmed with all the extra things you can add. Encourage community participation, is one way to keep is truthful. The number 1 post will live in history as your launch date, sooner or later you will be looking back and feel satisfied that you have developed by that point.

“I will not stop my blog.” – John McAfee

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