50 Scouted Filming Locations In My Driving Distance

A 50-list created by: Lee Sonogan

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The more footage I gather and upload, the less data I shall on my computer. In an attempt to provide No Copyright videos on my YouTube channel UNGROOVYGORDS PRODUCTION, this list will be the ideal location where I want to film next. Either in an individual clip or used somehow in a bigger project, this list will name all the location around Victoria, Australia, where I want to get footage from.

1. Cranbourne, (Main street.)

2. Lang Lang (Main street.)

3. Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria (Cranbourne Gardens.)

4. Centro (Cranbourne Park Shopping Centres.)

5. Phillip’s Island (Cows, the main street.)

6. Lake Entrance (The beach along the main street.)

7. Melbourne Central (Crown.)

8. Nyora (The Road Behind the direct race track.)

9. Cannon’s Creek (Beach forest pathways.)

10. Frankston (Bayside.)

11. Between Tooradin and Caldermeade (Tower along the highway.)

12. Mornington (Beach front.)

13. Pearcedale (Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park.)

14. Geelong (Beach area.)

15. Korumburra (All the surrounding hills.)

16. Leongatha (All the surrounding hills.)

17. Warragul (Main streets.)

18. Pakehem (Modern shopping centre and park.)

19. St Albums (A park.)

20. Richmond (Rob Laver Arena.)

21. Loch (Main street that is sloping.)

22. Poowong (Town entrance cliffs.)

23. Inverlock (Beach sides.)

24. Narre Waren North (Lysterfield Park.)

25. Foundation Gate (Westfield.)

26. Dandenong (Lunar Drive Inn.)

27. St. Kilda (Main highway.)

28. Melbourne Central (Flagstaff Gardens.)

29. Flemington (Flemington Racecourse.)

30. Kealba (Brimbank Park.)

31. Longwood (Near a public maze.)

32. Phillip’s Island (Secret Beach.)

33. French Island (Western Port Bay.)

34. Venus Bay (Beach area.)

35.Weirrerbe (Beach, Main street.)

36.Bendigo (The old goldfields.)

37. Ballarat (More old goldfields.)

38.Bunyip (Bunyip state park)

39. Wilsons Promontory National Park (Wilsons Promontory.)

40.Grantville (Miniature golf course.)

41.Jindivick (Forest area.)

42.Emerald (Cardinia Reservoir.)

43.Docklands (Shipping containers.)

44.North Melbourne (Queen Victoria Market.)

45. Port Melbourne (West Gate Bridge.)

46. Altona Coastal Park (Altona.)

47.Portsea (Museum army base.)

48. Parkville (Melbourne Zoo.)

49.Nar Nar Goon (Gumbuya Park.)

50. Tooradin(Tooradin Pier.)

Anyone who records and gather footage should check out these areas if they are currently in Victoria, Australia. These are just placing I’ve been too that are all different. Stay tuned for 50 More Scouted Filming Locations In My Driving Distance



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