Lucifer: Devil In The Gateway, a graphic novel review

A graphic novel written by: Lee Sonogan

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“A work of genius in the dark fantasy genre… Lucifer remains the crown jewel of the VERTIGO throne – apparently the Devil really does have the best comics!– Comics Entertainment

Having seen the entire first season of Lucifer, the TV show and seen his original appearance in the Neil Gaiman ‘Sandman’ series, this character intrigued me. Sarcastic but charming, Lucifer, Lightbringer or the angel Samael is a not what you expect as an anti-hero. I am late to this series which was published back in 2001 although I am hooked after finding a cheap copy randomly at a miscellaneous local store.

Having three stories in the collection I own, volume one tells two long and fascinating stories that are within the DC Comics universe. Establishing that Lucifer has retired from his throne from hell, on Earth he does Heaven’s dirty work, but he gets to name his price. Originally poetic, each line delivered is a piece of relevant art collaborating with the dark fantasy nature of all the spiritual/magic concepts

Story one takes on a concept of ‘First there was darkness. Then there was light’. Lucifer is omnipresent so he becomes a narrator and the star. Developing into an origin adventure, it leads to an adventure throughout the various realms of hell. In the second story, we see flashbacks from Heaven and a connection with a cursed man with cursed cards. Which has an impressive payoff compared to the last story.

Then the last story may have been the weakest and the shortest. Overall this first volume has many similarities to Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman’s writing and makes me think how good this comic series author Mike Carey’s other stuff is. Made a long time ago, I highly recommend this volume as it still holds up in 2019. I could comment on my favourite moments within the three stories, but it is too good to spoiler for anyone.


“It’s in these self-contained stories that we see just how talented Carey is. His imagination and appreciation of human heart make for storytelling that is both entertaining and thought-provoking.” –

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