Capital Punishment/The Death Penalty

An article written by: Lee Sonogan

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“Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal out death in judgement.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

Both sides of the political spectrum have conflicting thoughts about capital punishment and the act of the death penalty. The left usually argues that it is immoral and advocate for rehabilitation, and the right aim for justice for the victims and what is morally right. Both sides have fair arguments although as like anything how we deal with life has its pros and cons.

Speaking on the cons first, out through history innocent people have been wrongly executed. Where innocence has been proven after the execution has been done. Then there is the case of mental illness or clouded judgement at the time of the crime. As the action was an impulse that they have no control over and expressed guilt and regret.

Now speaking on the pros of putting someone to death, while rehabilitation is the humane way to deal with criminals, the statistics show that it has been a huge failure. With life in prison and returning back to civilization, ones who commit the harses of crimes to another, recommit those actions in one way or another. To the most pathological or sociopaths who can not overcome, there is a justified argument to end their life for the benefit of our rights to life, freedom and the safety of society.

While some say its cruel and unusual punishment, serial killers and obsessive paedophilia such as John Wayne Gacy begged for it because they knew if they could, they would murder again. It is quick, painless and humane where if willing to confess, repent and atone, it should be a criminal right as the same right people should have with assistant suicide. Regardless, It is still more compassionate then methods of firing squads or hanging in the past.

Explaining my opinion on this matter, my views line up with the above and below paragraphs. The justice system is bound to make mistakes and these choices most not be taken lightly. Life is sacred, but if someone is stuck forever in a hole of hell, as a society we should be deterred from being influenced by that. The death penalty should only be used in the rarest of occasions where the criminal has lost all of their humanity, to be rid of evil for the greater good for everyone while hopefully helping the individual in the next life.

“I support the death penalty. But I also think there has to be no margin for error.” – George Ryan

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