Victimhood Culture

An article written by Lee Sonogan

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“I believe that there’s no improvement if you have an inferiority complex and victim mentality.” ― Kim Namjoon

The current state of the higher moral ground has become victims vs oppressors, real issues remain the same without logical change. From Cancel Culture to tribalistic social justice, the signs of most of these protests/whinging are not based on ideal skills to the required tasks in finding real solutions. Looking at history, when individuals become apart of group identity and are not willing to communicate within their differences, violence always breaks out.

Even as an individual I can see acting like the victim when it’s not objectively true can hold you back. Blaming stuff outside of yourself is a sign that you can’t look within yourself and take virtue in responsibility. You weaken people if you say that they are the passive victims of external forces and then they become passive victims of external forces.

Identity politics and virtue signally in a way is a marker of status. Similar to honour and dignity culture, based on your reputation for bravery to speak and making everything equal as the same as you. With this mentality, you could justify anything reflecting from perceived opposition, and ignore normal human values such as compassion and simply debate.

The attacks on free speech and due process from these activists/individuals blur the lines between violence and speech. The more weight of responsibly you take on towards the desired goal outweighs the cynical/easier nature of ideology within those who do not think for themselves.

People are drawn to meaning and purpose, therefore, it’s easy to become a follower to fulfil theses moral senses. The status of becoming something greater than yourself is appealing in establishing yourself in various harsh realities. Vicariously living within an entitlement where you believe you deserve something will have a cost of division and a true/logical identity in being your greatest self.

“You cannot be happy if your primary identity is that of a victim, even if you really are one.” ― Dennis Prager

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