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Do we really need more than two genders? First off, I am no hater and what I am about to comment is not intended to be offensive, but logical towards what we know as truth in reality. This BetteroffwithTrump article was the last straw in my research in understanding gender dysphoria where I am now writing about it.

I do not know someone personally who has gone through it, although I have searched wide and far to understand people’s various claims. Dysphoria either gender, body or social sounds terrible for the people who accept their medical condition. Anyone else with and without this condition who can not accept it seems crazy justifying their identity.

When I use the word ‘crazy’ they seem entitled to be always correct. Embracing victimization and are not truly content with what they are portraying. And taking advantage of a minority of people who are really suffering. I can understand there’s a spectrum of expression between male and female wired into peoples brains, but making up definitions for thousands of genders and expecting everyone to blindly accept it straight away is not reality.

It is a fact that people that have issues with gender identity are the most suicidal in the world and even more than third world countries. While transgender is an official medical condition through dysphoria, there is no scientific or other strong evidence to suggest there are more genders outside the binary of the two sexes. (And if there is that I have not found please point me in that direction so I can understand.)

I feel like I have been ranting, but this is what has to be understood. It is ok to have both/either male and female traits or none, so your physical identity is not made of who you are. If your really uncomfortable with your gender to the point where anything is possible, realise that everyone can be wrong sometimes. Creating new social constructs or expanding on years of biology will not satisfy your identity long-lasting, and your ego will eat you alive.

When couples have a Gender Reveal Party it’s only pink cake for “it’s a girl” or blue cake for “it’s a boy.” There’s no purple, gray, or rainbow cake.  How do the millennials or the Gen Z have a problem with that?  When a doctor delivers a baby he says, “it’s a girl” or “it’s a boy.” He never says, “I’m not sure” or “we’ll wait and see what it feels like.”

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